Silver Bal & Emii Bar


Hello. GW from today!!10I think there are many people who have a long holiday. Perfect for gw outing!! It is an introduction of Ginbar Eibar! I will be participating in silver bar & ei bar ♪ travel in Spain without a plane this year. We will prepare one of the winners in the Japan Paella & Tapas Competition by reproducing the taste in La Fusion! You can taste the hot paella & tapas because you cook it after you have an order! Please take this opportunity to enjoy it!! ☆ Tapas ☆ shrimp paris wrapped fried truffle sauce ☆ paella ☆ fideau de gandhia G.W why don't you enjoy the bar tour in Ebisu? https://Ginbar.tokyoGW is open and open without rest!! We can also make a reservation for a party! Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may be different from the original contents.