Spring party plan

Much like the spring it has been warm.
Farewell and thank-you party gather in even more this season.
今日はHearty!Make you happy
About us la fusion party plan!

¥ 3500 plan (total 10 items)
Chorizo and salami
Spain omelet
-La fusion special salad
-With ham croquettes "croquettes"
Squid ink sausage.
-Squid with broccoli in garlic olive oil
And Mexico-produced beef with grilled
-Daikon,Ocean seafood paella
-Spain pudding with vanilla ice cream

In addition to
¥ 2000 plan (total 6 items)
¥ 5000 plan (total 11 products)
Also available.
☆ Chef's recommended special courses are available to fit your budget!

All you can drink plan also (by cuisine)
2 hour £ 2000(L.O30 minutes ago)
3 hour £ 2800(L.O30 minutes ago)
Sapporo draft beer / cocktail variety / homemade Sangria and Spain producing wine / highball / sour / soft drinks / shochu
Such as enhanced content

This commemoration special plans and case
Drink above ¥ 3500 plan (total 10 items), unlimited (2 hours)
¥ 5,500 so far only now

¥ 5000!

Please this time deals on La fusion LET'S PARTY!

Charter 20-40 persons
Private Charter 10-18 persons
Please feel free to contact please!?!