Website completed!

Hello. Chef Chris is.

Ebisu shops are opened from the forward after just two weeks.

Thank you for visit us customers. Also to everyone you meet, I'm happy.

And renewal of new store design website.
Please by all means!

So, where will introduce Ebisu just a little bit.

Place a 3-minute walk from Ebisu station. Meiji-Dori Ave intersection by the way is very easy-to-find location.

And store

From Ikebukuro rooms ♪ counter seats and 40 seats available.
Slowly you eat.

There is also terrace.
Now, when it gets warmer outside Spain beer! It is the best!

At soccer so I set up televisions, even is!

Because there are many new menu look at please come to La Fusion Ebisu.
Will be welcoming the staff wholeheartedly.
We are awaiting you.