Garlic olive oil fair

Garlic olive oil fair starting today!

Our popular garlic oil!
In addition to the taste of shrimp and squid, you can enjoy a taste of five!

Gizzard and vegetables in garlic olive oil
Black olives and octopus in garlic olive oil
Oysters and mushrooms in garlic olive oil
Chicken and mushroom in garlic olive oil
Beef and mushrooms in garlic olive oil

Please try on this occasion.

Also with seasonal ingredients, also featured this month.

Carpaccio of today
Marinated Pike
Skipjack tuna, avocado, tomato tartare
Confit of pork and Yam salad
Of salmon
Grilled pork loin with bone
Harrah's and vegetable paella

I suddenly have been chilly.
Would you like our bouillabaisse?

We visit, we look forward to(^^)